I didn't think this through...

Blaine and Elliot scene from 5.14


The other day, Chris was in a full piece rubber body suit that had a zipper and I kept trying to unzip it, and he kept yelling at me.

Gotta take that opportunity, Lea. Just gotta.


Absolute favourite characters:
Kevin Price (The book of mormon)

"Something incredible, I’ll do something incredible!"
Mercedes Jones in “Tested”

I have to drink five pints of hot coconut water every day, with a little garlic salt, some splenda, and a splash of hot sauce, and then you basically jog until you hallucinate.

"Follow your nose…." I had chips and salsa…..and a drink.

Hey, salsa is vegetables. If only Froot Loops actually counted as fruit…


anonymous asked : could you parallel Blackbird and I’m Still Here, as in Blaine’s adoring look ;)

first one: I want him to be mine

second one: Why am I so lucky?

I should have told him about my worn-out panties!!

I fail 6 out of 7 nights :-(

I’m not proud…

CRAP, I forgot about the Fargo premiere. Too distracted by Colfer’s unclothed torso…